BJCC is a company that likes to take the approach that every interaction is an opportunity to intrigue, engage, and captivate the attention of target demographics. The way we approach each project is by asking ourselves a series of questions starting with “why.” It’s important to know why we’re developing a project so that we strategize on how to approach the various stages of development, to achieve the desired outcome for our client and/or target audience.

We are a consulting company which employs analytics with design. This tactical left and inspired right brain approach is how we focus on resolving the “why” all companies exist. The talents within BJCC’s management team combine experience from the science, to entertainment, and end-user experiences.

BJCC is a company that specialize in the high-end project management methodologies and combined those with cutting-edge engineering, easy use and navigation, and heuristics via human factors to produce results. Our forward-facing protocol is flexible, sharing, and promotes encouragement shifting the focus around our clients. This client-centric approach gives transparency that revolves the focus on their deliverables.
With over 30+ years of multimedia experience and an acute understanding of a project’s backend engineering to front facing UX heuristics design. We designed your specifications toward how this relates and engages your audience.
Burt Julio Burt Julio is a Senior Level Executive with Strategic and Practical Management skills who has been working along side CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, Executive Staff Members, Government Officials, Leaders in Industries, Million and Billions Dollar Companies, and Global Markets. After spending three years working in a multibillion HKD media conglomerate, with offices in 8-countries, comprising of over 100 subsidiaries, Burt knows what drives media and technology industries – and it’s not using the current buzzwords or knowing what latest trends of the week are. What’s truly important is how to analyze, strategize, and prioritize the various veins as they flow into one artery of understanding and make it relevant to the company’s vision. Burt’s work has been in print, inside educational games, throughout online CE platforms, in apps, and blockbuster multimillion dollar USD movies. He is a current member of the Visual Effects Society, and has spoken at multiple conferences including 2017 a technology seminar where he was the Keynote speaker in South Korea. Burt is a respected professional within various industries including: Entertainment, Technology, Education, Online UXs and UIs, and Apps.
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Christopher Cilley, PhD Christopher Cilley is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and UX Specialist who interfaces with CEO, CTOs, Business Owners, and other Entrepreneurs to Design and Execute their corporate vision, together with complex but seamless backend solutions. Christopher has over thirty-years of experience in analyzing a project’s need for completing the various stages required to meet goals, milestones, and a project’s unique specifications. It’s not a case of if you can understand the complex nature of a project, but more about the why, what, and how he can positively impact the end-product. Christopher has become a major contributor to his company’s success. As a seasoned professional, he leveraged his procedural method of evaluating the needs of the company and amplified a $6MIL USD per year business into over $60MIL USD powerhouse. Transitioning an aging methodology which was limited by a reliance on traditional paper in workflows and turned it into an industry trailblazer; a visionary technology company that happens to sell produce. Through collaborations with co-workers, Christopher has taken a passive food industry and transferred it into an interactive social network. Christopher is a trained Biochemist holding multiple degrees. As a trained scientist he’s observant, analytical, and disciplined in his approach.
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Corporate Strategy and Development
Calculator Upper Summary
Android App Development
Specialty Produce Clover Remote
Android Application
A custom POS application for Specialty Produce that tightly integrates with their back-end ERP. It leverages the CloverGo device and API for payment transactions.
Specialty Produce
Android Application Google Play
While the current version of Specialty Produce's app has moved under their developement, we built the first iterations of this app that were in use for a number of years. It is an encyclopedia of produce in the user's hands. Information, recipes, pictures and social engagement with produce spotting.
Android Application Under Development
Allow users to simply and easily setup a breadcrumb track with very low battery usage and easy access by their friends and family.
Time To Burn
Android Application Google Play
A companion app for attendees of the Burning Man Festival. This app pulls together information on camps, events, art, music and so much more. Going on it's 6th year providing digital data to burners.
Bent Con
Android Application Google Play
Companion app for The Bent Con exposition in 2014. App was an information portal for participants.
BJCC Productions Ltd is based in San Diego, CA

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